Read this...
“Your mother is lucky to be alive…”
The doctor’s words left me in complete shock.
My mom sped through a red light and smashed into an oncoming car.

Now there I was, standing over her battered body, as the doctor explained her severe, stage-3 concussion to me…

After telling me they were going to keep her in their care for the night, the doctor asked me…
“Any reason why your mother ran the red light?
I turned to face my mother, Krystle as she lay there in the hospital bed motionless.

I remembered her arms, penetrated by needles and IVs…

That’s when terror clenched the pit of my stomach...

There was only one reason why my mother would drive through the red light…

and I knew exactly what the doctor was going to say next…
“Well, we were able to get ahold of her optometrist. Turns out, your mother was diagnosed with rapid, age-related vision loss a couple of months ago.
Her eyesight has been getting worse every day and she’ll be completely blind within 6 months…”
My head started hurting immediately from the panic and stress. It was like a nightmare come true.

I turned to my mom.
“Mom! Why didn’t you tell me you couldn’t see?”
I knew she was in no condition to answer me right then and there.

What I was really doing was asking myself how I could let her drive anywhere..

With the all-too-recent memories of a few incidents involving her worsening vision…

My wife Julie and I have been so busy with the kids…

Ashamed, I realized how selfish I was. 
I had been thinking to myself it’s just age. And she’d be fine.
I sat there, unable to grasp what was happening.

Not even a week ago, we were at my daughter’s first soccer game.

Mom sat right next to me and not a single word was said about her eyesight.

Now only a few months later, my mother was sentenced to life without sight until God called her home.
My mother has always been great at hiding fear.
But this time, I could see it in her face…

The thought of never seeing the joy of her grandkids faces as they grow into adults and have kids of their own…

Never being able to read her favorite books or watch her favorite movies and TV shows…
In less than a year, she was about to lose her strongest connection with the world.
And until now, I felt hopeless to stop this fate from happening.

The doctors kept telling me all she needed were stronger prescription meds...

but I knew they did nothing but prolong the inevitable.
All I wanted to do was save her vision from disappearing.

But I felt like if I made such a promise to her, I’d be lying. 
I felt like I failed her as a son.
I remember sitting there with her.

Wallowing in our sadness.

Crying together under those dimming hospital lights, trying to come to grips with her living the rest of her life blind.
Now, you’re probably sitting there, wondering why I’m telling you this story…
I’m sharing this with you because as scary and challenging as this moment was...

It set us on a quest to discover the root cause of age-related vision loss.

A quest that’s going to expose the eye care industry and how they manipulate you into buying their expensive glasses and contact lenses that do NOTHING to improve your vision.
In fact in many cases, they make your vision even WORSE.
And lastly, this quest allowed me to find a 500-year-old herbal remedy from the ancient Aztecs that crushes age-related vision loss.

And because it’s backed by 12-long years of thorough scientific research, I had to test this power on my mom.
Are you ready to learn about her results?
Not only did it reverse her rapidly deteriorating eyesight...
...but she had recovered the 20/20 vision of her youth
in less than 31 days!
And what’s crazy is that this natural remedy can be used at home.

And it only takes less than 35 seconds to use per day!

Over 14,450 seniors across America right now are exploiting this secret to save themselves from blindness.

So they can continue to see the world with crystal-clear, color-rich vision!
YES this is happening right now!
And even better, this secret works if your sight is just starting to blur, or even if you can barely recognize the faces of your loved ones anymore!

You’re about to SEE how to restore your vision naturally, safely, and easily so you can escape blindness forever.
  • You’ll be able to drive at night again, without fear of an inevitable car accident.

  • You’ll be reading books again, and even menus in dimly lit restaurants…

  • You’ll be solving jigsaw and crossword puzzles close-up…

  • And reading your favorite books cover-to-cover, without the curse of nearsightedness.

  • You’ll be watching baseballs soar through the sky with every grand-slam swing, and get an HD view of the fireworks every 4th of July.
And you’ll have the freedom to enjoy watching your grandkids grow up into fine adults.
You have my word: after staying with me through this short presentation you’ll get the proven solution for eyesight restoration…
So you can have the perfect, clear vision you had when you were in your 20’s.
Suddenly, you’ll have a newfound supreme confidence over your aging process.
Now before I show you this ancient Aztec secret, I have to warn you…
The chances of you seeing this website tomorrow are slim to NONE.

The corporate bigwigs controlling this $54 BILLION optometry industry will be furious if they ever catch this info online, so…

You may never see this page again after this.

Especially when they find out
this Aztec secret is 100% natural.
Meaning Big Pharma can’t patent it, control the distribution and skyrocket the prices.
Also, using this secret means no more surgery or prescription glasses.
And more importantly, it means Big Pharma can no longer profit from your pain.

To be honest with you, it’s just me against them.

And chances are they’ll be throwing a lawsuit at me as soon as they find this page.

Which is why it’s CRUCIAL you turn off all distractions RIGHT NOW and read to the end of this very short presentation right now.

If you’re serious about saving your eyesight from permanent darkness, I need you to sit tight.

And read every word of my presentation today...
Because I guarantee, the special nutrient I found in this Aztec flower will positively transform your eyesight.
Especially when you see how I combined this compound with a painstakingly researched exclusive blend of crucial all-natural herbs, vitamins and minerals...

That increase the power of this vision restoring compound… exponentially!
I’m serious.
It’s that easy.
And right now, not only will I show you the REAL cause of your vision loss - along with the 12 years of deep, thorough scientific research that proves this Aztec nutrient can and WILL fix your vision...

I’ll also share with you the TRUE story of how I found it...
And how this discovery allowed me to save the eyesight of 
over 14,450 people across the globe.
Before I spill the beans, allow me to introduce myself…
My name is
Mike Van Brock.
I’m 45 years old and I live in Dallas, Texas with my wife Julie and our two little girls Sandra and Kelly.

By the way, I want you to know I was raised the traditional American way; by a mom and dad who were fair but firm, and who taught me to always put your family first.

And that no man is above our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
It’s because of my upbringing that I am who I am today.

And when my Dad passed, the thought of my mother’s eyesight horribly failing her felt like a sign suggesting it was almost her time to go, too.
It was such a horrifying feeling.
So much that I hate telling the story to others.

But my mother has always been a selfless woman.

Despite everything, she pushed me to share this.  Because the last thing she wants is the same thing to happen to you.

And if you don’t take what I’m about to share with you seriously, there’s a 70% chance it WILL happen to you, too.
Now, my father died about 7 years ago and so I wanted to be sure to visit my mom once every week since then.

We’d go for walks, have dinner, and even go to church together.

And about 4 years ago, that’s when my mother’s vision started to fade.

Eventually, her eyesight got so bad for all intents and purposes she was legally blind.
But I’ll get to how she got to that point in a moment…
At first, it was minor things like reading menus in dark restaurants.

She didn’t think much of it, so neither did I.

We figured it was all part of getting older.

Looking back, I wish we jumped on these WARNINGS then and there.

Yet we thought we were doing the right thing because every 6 months, my mom would go to the eye doctor like clockwork.
And every time she went,
she’d get a stronger pair of prescription eyeglasses.
Starting to sound familiar?
This went on for the next 5 years until one summer, our lives forever changed…

Julie and I just moved into our new home and we invited my mom to come celebrate with us.
She was complaining about her eyesight more than usual. 
Something about how black spots kept drifting her field of vision.
Then it was her central eyesight being fuzzier than normal, to the point of blurriness.

Despite all this, she insisted she wasn’t going to “ruin the evening.” 

So she chose to keep quiet about it.

As the sun started setting, we sat around the table watching Sandra and Kelly play in the lawn.

But when I turned to Mom, she wasn’t paying attention to them.

Instead, she was rubbing her eyes…

Sandra found a dandelion. She picked it and went to show her grandmother.
“Grandma, make a wish!”
Sandra said with a giant smile on her face.

With a laugh, my mom replied, “That’s cute, Kelly!  Now go put it back. I’d rather blow out birthday candles.”

But Sandra didn’t move…
“Kelly? But Grandma, I’m Sandra! Can’t you see me?”
My mom sat there looking a little embarrassed.

That’s when my wife, Julie stepped in. “Grandma’s just tired, now go play!”

My daughters thought nothing of it. Neither did my wife.

But my mom shot me a look, and I could see tears forming in her eyes…

Later that evening, when I walked her to her car, I had to say what was on my heart…
“Mom,” I said, worriedly, “are you sure you can drive home? Can you see okay?”
“Mike, I’ve been driving longer than you’ve been alive. Of course, I can drive myself home.”

Something told me not to let her drive home… and I should’ve listen to it.

Instead, I let her drive herself home…
The sun had completely set and I started getting a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Something really BAD was about to happen.

I could feel it.

Next thing I knew, I got a call from the hospital an hour later...

My mom sped right through a red light and smashed into an oncoming car, leaving her unconscious.
I made it to the hospital at lightning speed. And that’s where I got the news about my mom’s concussion… and her vision.

My gut feeling had been confirmed, and it was the scariest thing, ever…
She was going blind.
The next morning, when we booked her for an emergency appointment, it was certain:
My mom was suffering from rapid age-related vision loss.
According to her optometrist, not only were the maculae in my mom’s eyes in horrible shape, they were deteriorating every day.

And in case you’re wondering, the macula is the small area in the center of the retina that’s in charge of your central vision.

When it fades, you can’t see anything in front of you.

Meaning you can no longer read things. Or watch TV.

Or recognize familiar faces and you ESPECIALLY can’t drive a car.
With every second, the cells in your eyes are getting killed one by one.

But I could tell my mom was just another patient to her optometrist, preventing him from getting to his lunch break on time.

With almost no empathy...

He told us my mom was going to be legally blind in give-or-take 6 months. And there was NOTHING we could do about it
But that’s not even the scariest part…

According to the Wilmer Eye Institute from Baltimore, Maryland,
 the number of blind Americans over 40 is expected to increase by a giant 70% by the year 2020..
That's 1,600,000 Americans losing their vision completely!
And when you add people who suffer from ‘LOW’ vision, that increases the number of vision-impaired people  - to a staggering 43,500,000!!!
If you’re unfamiliar with the term, Low Vision refers to vision loss that cannot be corrected by medical or surgical treatments or conventional eyeglasses.

And this horrible epidemic all started from the REAL cause of vision loss, which I’ll tell you about in just a moment…
But going back to the optometrist’s office... we left with my mom feeling crushed and hopeless.
And seeing her this way broke my heart.
Here she was, my mother, who spent her better years raising me into the man I am today…

It was my duty as her son to take care of her now.

So I made a promise to her on the spot - to do whatever it took to stop this age related vision-loss and save my mom’s eyesight.
We only had six months before my mom was sentenced to eternal darkness.

With her eyesight fading every single day.

Which means I was racing against the clock and needed to act fast.

That very same day, an old friend contacted me with a well-known natural health researcher. We’ll call him Dr. Jan (since he wants to stay out of the public eye).
Dr. Jan had been in the optometry industry for over 30 years.
He discovered the truth and broke free from the mainstream system.

So he could treat his clients with real, natural solutions.
As Dr. Jan put it, the eye care industry is a manipulative system that profits from your deteriorating eyesight…

Maybe like how you’re feeling RIGHT NOW.

At the time, I couldn’t believe this...in fact, I challenged him by demanding proof.
And that’s when he explained this to me…
When you start having vision problems you go to an optometrist, where they then recommend you start wearing glasses, right?

Well, if you're like the 75% of Americans who wear some form of corrective lenses, you probably understand this.

However… there’s a BIG problem with this approach that no eye care expert wants you to know…
Wearing glasses actually does NOTHING to improve your vision.
Rather than treating the root cause of your poor eyesight, which I'll explain to you in a second here, all glasses do is cover up the symptoms with a short-term solution.

They’re no different than a band-aid for your eyes.

What happens when you take the cast off of a broken arm?

Your arm is weak.
The muscles have withered away…

And so you’ve gotta start rebuilding your strength until your arm is strong and healthy again.

Well, guess what?

Your eyes are no different.

Your glasses are just like a cast for your eyes.

Every time you wear glasses, your eyes don’t get stronger and healthier.

They just grow weaker and more dependent.
And within a few short years, most people need stronger lenses.
Lemme ask you…

When has your optometrist ever lowered YOUR subscription?
That’s what I thought: NEVER.
Because it’s the corrective lenses that keep your eyesight from ever actually improving!
Despite this deceiving practice, and along with over 83,500,000 prescription lenses being sold in the states last year alone…

Corrective lenses aren’t the REAL reason why your vision is fading.
I’m just a moment away from telling you the number one root cause of vision loss.

And more importantly, how you can use a powerful ancient Aztec nutrient compound (plus the results accelerator ingredients I added) to actively fight against eye disease and achieve 20/20 vision.

But before I do, let me hurry up and finish my mom’s story.

You’ll see why in a sec.

After discussing it with Dr. Jan it was clear that a new pair of glasses wasn't going to help my mom's eyesight.

On top of that… time was quickly running out.
We needed a much more radical option like... 
LASIK surgery.
All this time I was told that LASIK surgery was a safe procedure....

That it was just as easy as getting a filling from the dentist.

But then I looked deeper into LASIK surgery… and I realized this is one of the biggest lies ever told.

Turns out complications from ‘routine’ Lasik surgeries are very common.
In fact one out of every 20 patients suffers from post-surgery complications
Problems like halos, glares, or starburst-like images can linger in your field of vision…

And patients report having even more trouble with these unwanted side-effects at night.

LASIK patients also report moderate to severe dry eyes…

And there are plenty of sad cases where these symptoms are reported as PERMANENT.
And if that doesn't scare you enough, it's estimated that Lasik leaves 40% of patients with an even weaker cornea.

Meaning your eyesight deteriorates even more… leaving you worse off than before surgery!

I even found out that severe depression is a common occurrence after lasik surgery.

I hate to get gruesome on you on you but...
7 Americans have reportedly already committed suicide after getting LASIK!
And did I mention that LASIK cost up to $4,000 or more?
I just couldn't put my mom's safety and health at risk like that. So we decided that surgery was no longer an option.
After spending more time brainstorming, I stumbled upon eye exercises.

Apparently enough eye exercises can eliminate your need for glasses or contacts.

But then I just had to dig a little more…

Only to learn that there is little to no scientific evidence that proves these exercises work for your eyes...

And any results are far from permanent…
And that most of these programs are just scams.
We didn't have time for schemes and gimmicks. So we moved on.

At this point it had been a little over a week since my mother's car accident.

My mom's vision was only getting worse and I can tell she was giving up hope.

I could see she was deathly afraid of living in a world of darkness.

And she was becoming more frustrated with her deteriorating blurry vision.
Before we knew, 3 months had passed.

We tried everything to no avail and we had no idea what to do next.

And that's when my mom said something that literally crushed me…

I remember sitting at the kitchen table exhausted from the emotional rollercoaster.
My mom with her head hanging low and a tear rolling down her cheek whispered gently…
"Life would be easier if I just died."
A sentence like that from my loving mother was enough to almost break me.

To be completely honest I was close to giving up hope, too.

But being a man of God I had no choice but to get back up and keep looking for a way to save my mom's eyes.

I could not go back on the promise I made to her 3 months previously.

But after what happened next, it was enough to confirm that God really was on our side.
The very next day I met a 92 year-old with a double-barreled shotgun
who would change everything.
Check this out…
After 3 months of searching high and low for solutions online, I was on the verge of burning out and needed to take a break.

So I thought I'd go to the shooting range to blow off some steam, which by the way, is one of my favorite hobbies.

When I pulled up to the range I found it strange that it was almost empty.

It was just me and an older gentleman with dark leathery skin.

Plus the two instructors Don and Jim.
Now if you are familiar with trapshooting... here's how it works:

A machine launches clay targets 25 to 40 yards away from the shooter.

The goal is to shoot these targets as they speed through the air up to 40 miles per hour.

To be really good at this it's imperative that you have crystal clear vision.
So as we were setting up our first round of shooting I introduced myself to my shooting partner whose name was Ramses.
After talking for a few minutes Ramses revealed to me that he was 92 years old!
With this information, I started thinking to myself that his vision must be a lot like my mom's...

There was no way he could see that well and he was going to embarrass himself…

...but boy was I wrong to judge so quickly.

Out of respect, I let Ramses shoot first.

He stepped up, unlocked his safety, and prepared to take a shot.

That's when the clay targets fired-off one after another, shooting through the sky.

Ramses took one shot and hit the first target with no problem. I was in shock.

"Lucky shot," I thought.

But then he hit the second round… then the third…

And then the 4th…
By the time he finished the round he had hit every single one of his 25 targets!
I was speechless.
Not so much by his laser pinpoint accuracy...or the targets…
But by the superhuman vision of this 92 year old man!
Somehow Ramses dodged the plague that's crippling over 70% of the American population today.

Was it his genetics?

Did I miss something in my months of extensive research?

Whatever it was... it was working. And I needed answers pronto!
Before leaving the range, I took Ramses to the side to ask him questions.

On top of admitting how shocked I was, I told him about how my mom is losing her eyesight as we spoke.

And how I was trying to save her.

I looked into his eyes and I pleaded,
"If there's anything you know that can save my mom's eyes please tell me. I'm desperate!"
Ramses reached into his side pocket of his jacket.

He pulled out a weathered old coin that looked might have resembled something like a quarter.

"Do you know what this is?" he asked me.

"Not a clue," I responded.
"This is an ancient Aztec coin passed down from my ancestors for more than 500 years.

My people built one of the greatest empires in the world. Our warriors protected the city walls while we produced the finest art and architecture on the continent..."

"Ramses," I interrupted, "no offense but, what does this have to do with my mom's vision?"

With a patient smile, he continued. "...was the key to my ancestors' success.

One of their secrets was a powerful herbal mix called Xocolatl.

It was used for everything from people struck by lightning, to those with uncontrollable hiccups.
Most of all, it protected against vision loss.
I heard this and I lit up. I felt a surge of energy shoot through my entire body.

"Hold on a second," Ramses said as he disappeared into the bed of his blue truck.

He came back with a pen and notepad and scribbled down the Xocolatl recipe, and handed it to me.
"My young friend, THIS is the secret you've been looking for."
Then he slid into the driver's seat of his 1987 Chevy pickup, and drove away.
I raced home and started researching the ingredients of Ramses' secret solution.

From what I read the major ingredient was:
 Tagetes Erecta.
It turns out Tagetes Erecta can be found in Marigold flowers.
And more importantly, the Ancient Aztecs already knew what countless studies now show us today which is that this special flower contains a little known nutrient...

...which is clinically proven to create life changing and long-term improvements in eye  health...

...reduce the risk of vision loss, and significantly improve eyesight for those 50 and older.
The nutrient is called...
And it is the foundational key (along with other major discoveries I’m about to share with you) to restoring your eyes with the crystal clear vision you had when you were in your 20’s and 30’s.
Lutein is part of a nutrient class called Carotenoid.

If you're anything like me you've probably never heard of this compound before.

Not even during my stressful three-month period of research…

What I would find out next was truly mind-blowing...
Over 5 years of research proves with ultimate certainty that 
Lutein is 100% critical for saving your sight from the devastating effects of age-related vision loss.
New ground-breaking age-related eye studies began in 2008.

These days they're known as the golden standard study for vision loss.

Over those five years researchers studied 4000 Americans between the ages of 50 to 85.
Every single one of these Americans suffered from black spots, blurred vision, flickering, and the inability to see dim light, among other related issues.

Then they found that when those who suffered from blurry vision were missing Lutein in the composition of their eyes.

And when their Lutein levels were brought back up, the  subjects were less likely to go on to develop serious blurriness by 25 to 30%!
And what's more this nutrient also reduces the risk of developing central vision loss by 19%!
So what does this mean for you?

It means that this Carotenoid (plus the others I’m about to share with you) is exactly what the doctor SHOULD be ordering for your eyes.

Talk about the Lord's blessing!

Especially considering the number of boomers with debilitating vision problems is expected to rise to 43,500,000 by the year 2020!
But here's where things get even more interesting…
Unlike glasses, contacts or surgery, lutein attacks the root cause of your vision problems…

And trust me it's not what you think.

Back in 2012 there was a groundbreaking study by two researchers from the University of Kentucky and the University of Florida.
They discovered the truth behind age-related vision loss,
and with what they found..
...it had NOTHING to do with your age or genetics.
You see, the most critical part of your eye is the central part of the retina called the macula.

The macula detects light and sends signals to the brain, which then interprets these signals as images.

Your vision problems start the moment your macula gets damaged.

This is really bad news for you because from the moment you're born, the macula is exposed to constant danger.
In fact, as you're reading this presentation... Your eyes are under attack ….

By what?
A Reactive Oxygenated Species.. also called… 
'ROS' Toxins…
These toxins love to attack the cells in the lenses of your eyes, making them stiff so they can't flex…

And causing you to need those embarrassing bifocals.

ROS Toxins leave your eyes brittle, dried out, and unable to function properly.

Like letting a towel dry in the sun.

And then there’s more like harmful UV and blue light, cigarette smoking and a standard Western diet rich in sugar…
All of these things create oxidative stress in your eyes.

This stress then produces free radicals, which are dangerous atoms that attack your healthy cells.

This weakens the health of your eyes, making them a prime target for eye disease.

Think about it like this...

Just like oxygen causes metal to rust, oxidative stress causes your eyes to deteriorate.
Here's the good news.
In the 1990s, researchers discovered the macula contains something called the macular pigment.
This pigment protects against free radical damage.
But the stronger your macular pigments the less likely you'll suffer from vision problems.

This was proven in one particular study that found older subjects with macular pigments that were just as strong as the younger subjects...

They both have the same vision sharpness.
And what makes up the macular pigment?
That's right: lutein and another carotenoid called zeaxanthin.
They've been right there in your eyes with the sole purpose of protecting your macular against harmful oxidative stress and free radicals.
They're what your eyes need in order to see.
But here's the thing..
Your body can't produce lutein on its own.

And the only way to get this antioxidant is by consuming it either through food or natural supplements.

But an AREDS study sadly revealed that most Americans only get 10% of these nutrients needed per day.

Which means at this very moment your eyes are starving for this nutrient.
And each day that goes by without a sufficient amount of lutein, your eyesight will continue to fade until your vision is pure black.
So you see it's not your age or genetics…

It's not your exposure to electronics like your cell phone or your tablet…

It's just your major deficiency of lutein and other critical nutrients.

I learned that up until now your eyes have been exposed to deadly radicals and oxidative stress which has been killing your eyesight.

I realized all I had to do to save my mom's vision was to supply her with a sufficient amount of these eye-healthy nutrients in an advanced formula that I’m going to be introducing you to momentarily…

And then my mom’s eyesight would go back to being crisp and sharp, like it was in her twenties and thirties.
At this point, my heart was racing.

I couldn't believe what I found.
Now I understood why all they wanted to do was sell us expensive glasses, contact lenses, and surgery…

They never cared about attacking the root cause of our vision loss. 
All they really care about is profiting off our suffering!
Now you may be angry right now learning this…
Trust me I know I was.

In fact I was so furious I was determined to take this breakthrough of mine and not only save my mom's eyesight but the eyesight of millions of Americans who are losing their vision today.

But I wasn’t finished.
I figured there must be other all-natural nutrients that helped with eyesight...
And I was going to find them.
At this point I had already come so far to leave any stone unturned.

So I went back to researching…
Over 107 natural ingredients later, and LOTS OF HELP from a well-known research facility I’ll soon introduce you to…
Based on the Xocolatl recipe Ramses shared with me and countless hours of my own research to back it up...

I finally chose 8 more of the most powerful nutrients on this earth to combine with lutein…
So that my mom’s eyesight improvement could be multiplied 100 times over.

These super vision boosters can potentially restore your deteriorating eyesight just like they did for my mom… by attacking the oxidative stress and free radicals in your eyes.
But right away, I came across two very big problems…
One, while Marigolds are an incredible source of Lutein, you'd have to eat a massive plate of them every day to get the amounts you need.

And twoyour body isn't great at naturally absorbing Lutein.
According to research by doctors at the University of Connecticut, Lutein taken by itself doesn't change the level of this nutrient in your body very much.

Which means that taking it alone, from any source, won't do much to help your vision.

Even supplements of pure Marigold won't do much because your body can't absorb the nutrient very well.

This had me very frustrated.
I discovered that Lutein could help support better vision
But I didn't know how to make the body actually absorb it.
I felt like giving up…

Until one night, while looking through this study by the University of Connecticut on carotenoid absorption…
I saw that the study found that Lutein can be better absorbed when taken with Zinc!
Basically, you need zinc in order to process Lutein and protect your vision.

Zinc is a mineral that your body uses to process tons of things from hormones to skin health.

When Zinc is paired with Lutein, your body is able to absorb it better, allowing it to dissolve ROS Toxins, leading to better support for vision health.

This would help protect mom’s eyes from declined vision, allowing her a better quality of life and more freedom.
BUT this can only work when it's the right kind of Zinc, in the proper amount.
(Go figure!).
AND there was another catch…
Our body can't produce zinc on its own, so it's important you make sure you're getting enough zinc from your diet.

Unfortunately, the typical modern diet doesn’t give us enough of this vitamin, either.

The World Health Organization
found that...
 31% of the world's population suffers from a severe zinc deficiency…
 Walking into a health food store and buying Marigold extract and a Zinc supplement won't work.
You need the exact ratio of Lutein and Zinc for this to work.

Sadly, this amount is almost impossible to figure out on your own

So if you want to restore your vision to 20/20 for the rest of your life,  it's vital you find a trusted source of zinc aspartate…

And precisely combine it with the correct level of lutein.
So, now armed with my knowledge from thousands of hours of research and testing I was feeling more confident but then I immediately ran into two more roadblocks:
  • First, where was I going to find the supplies of the purest forms of Zinc and Lutein… with the right dosage of each nutrient to get the maximum effects?

  • And second, how was I going to pay for all this?
So I went back to Dr. Jan to see how I could possibly make all of this work.
When I finally got a hold of him and explained to him the vision restoring nutrients I found, he agreed to help further.

Turns out his own private clients were complaining of a similar protocol's costly and confusing approach.

So we teamed up to bring this solution into fruition.

We wanted to combine all the nutrients I’m about to share with you into a single pill form.
Because if I wanted my mom to take each nutrient on its own, we're talking about a whopping 12 pills daily sprinkled throughout the day.

The last thing I wanted her to deal with (on top of everything else she's been through) is to have to remember to take more pills.

Plus she can be very forgetful.
So I needed a plan B…
I'll admit this was all a very arduous process that almost brought me to my breaking point more than once.

It took a lot of time and frustration...

And it definitely took a lot of money.

I almost burned through my entire savings.

But there was no way I was going to back down from my promise I made to my mom.

Lucky for me Dr. Jan introduced me to a world class research and development organization...

With the global resources needed to get all the high-quality Lutein and Zinc my mom needed and could combine them with the other life-changing ingredients that my research showed me that we would need in our formula…

And then condense them down into easy-to-swallow capsules.

The organization goes by the name...
PhytAge Labs
...and they have been helping thousands of Americans with their incredible all-natural health and anti-aging solutions for the past decade.
And after the long tough months that followed, PhytAge Labs, Dr. Jan and I finally developed a solution containing the exact nutrients, vitamins and minerals found in my research...

Formulated with the exact dosages that would optimize the body’s ability to absorb and integrate them for maximum effect…

All condensed into one single pill.
Once we found our winning formula, we called it:
Eagle Eye 911
It's the easiest and simplest way to get more vision detoxifying compounds like Lutein into your system, banish ROS Toxins, and support the health of your eyes.
  • It helps to protect your near-distance vision so you can easily read texts, enjoy a book on the beach, or check out at the grocery store without straining to see.

  • It helps protect your far-vision so you can read road signs and recognize your neighbor from a distance.

  • It helps protect your night vision so you can drive after dark.
I firmly believe that Eagle Eye 911 is MORE than just a natural answer for your eyesight…

It's the secret to confidence as you age!

And to keep your independence and the respect of your loved ones so they view you as an asset to the family, not as a burden.
That's the power of Eagle Eye 911
It not only helps support your vision but it helps support your lifestyle.

It gives you the boost you need to be a better grandparent, mother, employee, father or friend.

To achieve your goals and chase your dreams, it empowers you to pick up that bucket list and start crossing things off.
So let me break down what else is inside Eagle Eye 911...
It starts off with the two main ingredients I’ve already shared: Lutein and Zinc.

It also includes two more powerful Carotenoids that are supported by the zinc...

You may have heard of these two nutrients as they're famous for supporting eyesight.
Beta-Carotene is a kind of Vitamin A

And, similar to Lutein, it offers a yellow, orange, and green color to nature.

Small amounts of it can be found in carrots and even milk.
Researchers at the University of Colorado found that Vitamin A (Beta-Carotene) can help protect eyes from bright light, including blue radiation and the ROS Toxins it activates.

It's also been shown to lower the demise of eye cells and help support long-lasting vision.

Vitamin A is crucial… especially according to the World Health Organization in Geneva, who unveiled the powers of this vitamin for several vision problems.
Another study found that giving Vitamin A to patients helped reduce vision issues like spots, cell damage, and night blindness.

Without enough vitamin A, your cells can't repair themselves after damage.

This means lacking vitamin A means your eyes will never get the chance to become healthy again after the decades of deterioration.

Sadly, you'd need to eat AT LEAST three cups of carrots every day to get enough Beta-Carotene to make a difference.

That's why we made sure to add the proper dose of Beta-Carotene (in the form of Vitamin A) to Eagle Eye 911.
Another Carotenoid we've added is called...
This compound is known to be in guava, watermelon and tomatoes.
Just like the other compounds in Eagle Eye 911, Lycopene also helps to promote great vision.

According to a study presented at the Conference on Natural Vision Improvement:

Those who ate diets with the most Lycopene had the least amount of vision problems.

In 2016, the Brazilian Journal of Ophthalmology reported that Lycopene can help reduce oxidative stress such as ROS Toxins.
Now it's safe to say...

With all of these powerful nutrients combined, PhytAge Labs, Dr. Jan and I had a potent and powerful method to help support vision on our hands.

However, we didn't want to stop there.

We wanted to empower you even MORE to improve your vision, and take back your independence.
So... we packed Eagle Eye 911 with a few more heavy hitters!
Each of the four additional compounds you're about to see work to target harmful ROS Toxins….

Giving you the chance for healthy eyes and better vision.

The next nutrient we added to Eagle Eye 911, is L-Taurine, an amino acid typically found in seafood and meat.

According to researchers from the Vision Institute of France, low levels of L-Taurine are linked to vision concerns.

They also found L-Taurine to help protect eyes from light damage.
Yet another key nutrient we added is
Grape Seed Extract…
...which is popularly used in Europe to protect against vascular disorder, especially those that can affect your eyes!

We made sure to include it in Eagle Eye 911 because it can help combat those harmful ROS Toxins even further.
And, according to the Molecular Vision journal, Grape Seed Extract can protect the lenses of your eyes wonderfully.
Quercetin has been discovered to enhance vision and even prevent cataracts from forming.

This isn't an antioxidant you want to skip... unless you want cataracts?

But, I have a feeling you don’t want that.
Tests done in Japan on humans suggest that quercetin works especially hard to protect the retina of the eye.

The retina is the part of the eye that allows us to see in wonderfully natural Technicolor.

By keeping the retina protected and healthy, quercetin helps to promote clear and sharp vision.
Next ingredient:
N-acetylcysteine (NAC)
NAC is an amino acid. Amino acids are the building blocks for protein in the body.

As we all know, protein is essential to our overall wellbeing.

NAC can help prevent vision loss, eye damage and potentially even help rid you of cataracts!

NAC has also been shown to help with blepharitis symptoms which include eyelid inflammation, irritation and redness in the eye.

But you don’t need to have developed cataracts or dry eyes to benefit from this powerful amino acid.

Taking preventative measures is half the battle.
And now finally, we included...
Bilberry Extract
Let me give you an idea of how incredibly POWERFUL this nutrient is…

Bilberry Extract is a cousin of the blueberry and was once used by British Air Force pilots during WW2 to improve their vision at night so they could shoot down Nazi bombers!

And, the Journal of Science, Food, & Agriculture found that Bilberry Extract could help prevent DNA damage and also reduce ROS Toxin levels.
With all the ingredients I’ve shared with you for Eagle Eye 911...
We've got an absolute powerhouse to help you with better vision!
It took a long time but we were eventually able to get the exact ratios of each ingredient necessary for it to be most effective… and put it into one powerful solution.

The greatest thing about our new solution was that it was completely natural with none of the toxic drugs you'll find in prescription meds from Big Pharma.

Also, because our ingredients are 100% natural (and not synthetically man-made like prescription pharmaceuticals) we didn't have to submit our solution to the FDA and be stuck on a year-long waitlist just to get it approved.
All we really needed was a willing patient to test it on…

And nobody was more qualified than my mom!

So, I took my newly developed Eagle Eye 911 vision pills and brought them to my mom's room.

I even bought an eye chart so we could test improvements in her vision every morning.
She had no idea I was creating a powerful vision repairing solution all this time with a reputable doctor…

But her praise wasn't the most important thing to me at that moment. I just wanted her to see again.

I told her to take one capsule twice daily, and each morning we'd test her vision with the chart.
After the first seven days of following the protocol, there wasn't much improvement.

Dr. Jan reassured me, telling me it would take a few weeks to kick in.

I could feel extreme doubt creeping into my soul… and I began to slip into depression.

But I prayed to God and I just kept the faith.
And suddenly, on the 13th day…
It happened.
My family was eating breakfast as normal.

But when I happened to turn to my mom I noticed she wasn't squinting or straining her eyes at all.
"Oh my gosh," she said… "I can't believe what I'm seeing right now!"
She looked at the eye chart and was effortlessly calling off letter by letter…

"There's an E. And an F. And a P…"

I was shocked. My mom could see.

Tears of joy filled my eyes, and it felt like a massive weight was lifted off my shoulders.

I sprang out of my chair, reached across the table and gave my mom a big hug.
And this was just the beginning…

After that morning, her vision began improving more and more each day.

By day 17, she could read the third from the top row on the eye chart.

On day 24, she could see the entire middle row, and on and on it went.

Each new morning brought with it a new personal record on the eye chart.

I thank God for answering our prayers… 
But as I'd soon find out,
the best was yet to come.
Day 31 arrived like any other day, except this was the day we were told to dread for the last six months.

We finally reached day 180… this was the day my mom's vision was supposed to disappear forever.

But I caught my mom that morning standing 20 feet from the eye chart...

Calling out letters from top to bottom, like they were in front of her face!

She bursted into tears and hugged me tighter than ever before.
My mom had achieved 20/20 vision.
And it was all thanks to this formula we worked so hard on.

From losing her vision and preparing for a life of darkness…

 To now having crystal clear vision was an undeniable sign from God.
It was time to present this pill to the world.
I got the Management of the assisted living home in our community to allow me to display an advert for my new vision formula inside the home. 
Since it was made from 100% natural ingredients they couldn’t see any harm in trying it out.

My ad announced they were enlisting elderly test subjects who were dealing with central blurriness, dark spots and floaters...

...asking them if they'd be willing to test my natural capsule to see if it worked for others, besides my mom.
When I got to the assisted living home, I met the 32 residents who agreed to try my discovery.

Many of them explained they were too afraid to try surgery, or that they just couldn't afford it.

I explained how the solution worked, gave them an eye chart to track their progress and then anxiously waited to hear about their results.
30 days later, the results were even more spectacular than I'd even dreamed.
93% of them achieved a minimum improvement of 74% on the eye chart.
There was no doubt about it.

We had created a natural safe solution that could improve even the worst cases of vision loss.

Our solution was even able to protect against devastating age-related eye diseases for years to come!

After experiencing firsthand the crushing effects vision loss had on my mother, I’ve made it my life's mission to ensure no American will ever suffer like she did.

It's only a matter of time before our solution disrupts the $54 billion eyecare industry, saving the sight of millions in the process.
Eagle Eye 911 is unlike any other vision solution on the market….
As you already know, doctor recommendations like surgery, bifocals, and reading glasses are just temporary (and expensive) solutions.

Even other supplements can be mostly useless since they are sprinkled with just a few ingredients that are often in the wrong ratios.

Plus, many of them don't have zinc, making the other nutrients useless to you.
There's just nothing quite like Eagle Eye 911!
Because what's more important than protecting your vision health, mental health, and independence?

It's hard to even put a price on that.

And buying all of these ingredients separately to help solve the problem would typically cost HUNDREDS of dollars…

And you'd have to keep buying more pretty rapidly.

(Good luck in finding enough quantities to keep you going.)

Look, even seeing the eye doctor just once a year can cost hundreds of dollars.
And keep in mind this letter that came to me from Harry Meagins, 72...
"I was visiting the eye doctor so often that my insurance company started to question it.

The co-pays started going up, and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to afford all of these visits.
After starting Eagle Eye 911, I had to visit the eye doctor way less often, saving hundreds of dollars over the course of the year.”
Eagle Eye 911 gives your eyes the nutrients they're craving to fight against free radical damage and restore crystal clear central vision.
Your retinas and maculae will be fully protected to prevent the development of age-related vision problems.
I know if you've made it this far in the presentation you're probably wondering how you can get your hands on this miracle working product…

But unfortunately it's not that simple.

Each of the nutrients are cultivated in a state-of-the-art facility that follows all GMP and FDA guidelines.
And because of this...
...it's really hard to get this product to the public.
The ingredients have to be kept fresh and then tested by an independent third party laboratory to make sure everything that's on the label is also inside the pill capsules.

Plus thanks to the massive case studies we have from our numerous success stories almost everyone who uses it cannot get enough of this stuff!

Because they NEVER want to suffer through the terror of slowly losing their eyesight again.
Especially ever since a brave handful of optometrists have decided to fight back against the conventional treatments and recommend Eagle Eye 911 to their patients.
Then you have people ordering bottles who don't even have vision problems.

But want to keep themselves protected from the vision epidemic that's been wiping out millions of Americans over 50.

I put all this out to say this…

Eagle Eye 911 is expensive to manufacture, takes up to three months to produce each batch... only for them to sell out in a matter of weeks. 
So I often don't have any Eagle Eye 911 available for folks like yourself.

That being said, I can't stand the thought of anyone suffering through the embarrassment, frustration, and fear that comes with rapid vision loss…

...and that's why in the next few moments, you're going to discover how to get your hands on a fresh new bottle of Eagle Eye 911 as part of our new pilot program.
Now the other question...
How much Eagle Eye 911 do I need to take?
It's simple.

Take two capsules each day for at least 60 days.

Why 60 days? While the nine vision-restoring nutrients inside each capsule go to work immediately replenishing your levels of lutein and much more.

There's also a huge buildup of free radical damage in your body.

This is from the decades of damage gone untreated.

So clearing out these free radicals isn't going to happen overnight.
It will take time, as natural solutions always do.

Even after Eagle Eye 911 gives you back the crystal clear eyesight of your youth...

You'll want to continue giving your eyes a steady supply of these essential nutrients, because 99% of your environment leads to free radical damage

And this includes your food, water, air, and day to day technology.
Friend, you're now a part of something very special because at this very moment...

...people across America suffering from age-related vision loss, blurriness, blind spots, poor night vision and deteriorating sight are all discovering this little website from family, friends and a small group of eye care experts brave enough to share the truth with their patients.
These people are finally starting to experience life changing breakthroughs in the fight against vision loss
More importantly, they're starting to get their lives back.
Just like Aaron Ferriss of Princeton, NJ, who says,
"For the last six months I've been receiving injections for wet macular degeneration in my right eye, but judging by my second to last exam, they seemed to have run their course and were no longer having the desired positive effect.

In the month between the last exam and my most recent visit, I discovered the Eagle Eye 911 formula and made the leap.

I love these.

No more keeping stocked with and choking down a half dozen supplement capsules, no more upset stomach from the zinc and no more missing my doses for days at a time due to both of the above. Best of all, my peripheral vision has begun improving again, and parts of the dark mass in the center of my eye are becoming translucent.

I can't tell you how glad I am to have found this product.
These little pills are improving my vision, and thereby changing my life for the better.
Don't hesitate to try these if you have macular degeneration, even if you are not in a position to see an ophthalmologist regularly, give your eyes this gift, they are worth every penny and more."
Kevin Pouncy of Charlotte, North Carolina who wrote,
"I bought this product for my mom. I've purchased it three times already, and I will continue to do so as long as my mom needs it.

My mom's vision is failing, and she has had two surgeries in her eyes to try to restore her partial vision loss.

It wasn't until we introduced this product at her doctor's request that my mom started to get results.
She is seeing better than she has in a very long time, and her vision continues to improve even though she's 86 years old."
Along with Retta Abramhoff from Saginaw, Michigan, who told us,
"I order this regularly for a friend who has Fuchs disease and macular degeneration. She's 97 years old today and on no medication.

She's lived a very clean, healthful life with a nutritious whole foods, plant-based diet, and a passion for vitamins and minerals and making sure she has the ones she needs. Along with other vitamins and minerals, she will not give up.

No one wants her to.

She says this helps her eyes.

We make sure she never runs out. If you can't spend money staying healthy, what is better to spend your money on?
Trust me as a long distance caretaker, I'm grateful every day that I'm not dealing with extended hospital stays and the like."
The best part, these real life testimonials are only a few of the thousands we're getting each month...

Which means people just like you are experiencing amazing results with Eagle Eye 911.

In a minute, you're going to find out how to join them.
Now you should also know Eagle Eye 911 is only available on this website, and while I do have a limited supply in stock, there is no guarantee I'll be in business tomorrow.

The truth is, I'm facing nearly two dozen injunctions from the pharmaceutical lawyers who hate what I'm doing.
They can't stand the fact that I've blown the lid...
...on the eyecare industry's $54 billion scam.
And they're furious I've dug up these nine natural nutrients, all powerful enough to drive them out of business by solving the world's most crippling vision problems.

The hard truth is they want to keep profiting off your pain, and I'm a big threat to that, which is why they're doing everything in their power to hack into my website and shut me down.

Even though I'm fighting back every day, I don't want you to risk waiting on taking action and reclaiming your life with Eagle Eye 911.
Because Eagle Eye 911 is your only real chance at destroying the army of free radicals terrorizing your eyes...

And it's powerful enough to protect you from deteriorating vision for decades to come.

So you no longer need expensive corrective lenses and dangerous surgeries that only give you short term relief...

But don't actually treat the root cause of vision loss...

Which as you know now is free radical damage paired with a deficiency of lutein and the other life-changing ingredients found in our formula.
Just imagine how amazing it'll feel waking up each morning and witnessing your sight getting clearer and sharper day by day.
How great it will feel to...
  • ...simply enjoy a bright autumn morning

  • ...drive your grandkids to soccer practice with confidence

  • ...read a book without squinting and straining…
...to have your life back.
All it takes is two capsules of Eagle Eye 911 each day for your vision problems to become a distant memory…
  • You no longer have to choose the conventional options like paying up to $200 for new eyeglasses every six months to a year...which you now know is a waste of money considering glasses do nothing to fix your bad eyesight and simply make you dependent on newer and stronger prescriptions.

  • You no longer have to consider LASIK surgery, and the potential aftermath of botched surgeries including halos, glare, night vision problems, dry eyes and severe depression… It also costs up to $4,000 or more.
All these treatments do is make your eyes weaker, dependent and more vulnerable to disease.

Simply trapping you on a hamster wheel of more glasses, more surgery and more problems.
This is why the original investment in Eagle Eye 911 was $120 per bottle, which is extremely fair considering everything mentioned above.
It's less than you'll pay for a new set of glasses, surgery, or prescription drugs over the course of the year.

Yet unlike those options, Eagle Eye 911 is a new approach designed to reverse your deteriorating sight, and protect against future vision problems.

Considering each bottle of Eagle Eye 911 takes up to three months to produce, gets tested in a third party lab for quality and purity and contains the most bio-available ingredients, $120 is a fantastic bargain.

In fact, I paid much MUCH more looking for a solution for my mother without thinking twice.

But what I realized is (and so will you)...
that having the gift of precious eyesight is PRICELESS.
That being said, this isn't about making a profit for me, even though I'm staring at a small stack of legal bills in the corner of my desk right now.

I could use the money to fight back against the EyeCare Cartel, as I like to call them, but my ultimate passion is to help people like you.

People who want to protect themselves against the devastating vision loss epidemic sweeping across America, claiming the sight of millions along the way.
People who desperately need a natural and clinically proven way to heal even the worst cases of vision loss.

People like my mom, Krystle.
These are the reasons why I believe every American deserves access to Eagle Eye 911 and why today I'm offering my vision breakthrough to the public for the first time through a special new pilot program…

And why when you act right now and make the life changing decision to join the more than 14,632 men and women before you…
You won’t be paying $120 per bottle.
Which is the normal retail price for Eagle Eye 911.

Which is a complete bargain if you take into consideration that we ONLY use the most pure forms of vitamins, minerals and special herbs found anywhere on the globe...

Which we then ship to our Independent Lab & formulate each and every bottle using the
most advanced equipment known to man
And then these small quantities are shipped directly to your door.
Eagle Eye 911 is NOT available in any store.
Here’s another thing…

if you tried to get your hands on all the Lutein, Vitamin A, Zinc, Lycopene and other premium ingredients in a single bottle of Eagle Eye 911 separately...

You’d pay well over $120, but since you’ve made the cut into our special VIP Group
You Won’t Pay $120.00
You Won’t Even Pay $99.95
Not Even $79.95
Nope, you don’t pay any of those prices…
When you take action right now, you’ll get your hands on a full bottle of Eagle Eye 911 in this special VIP offer…
For ONLY $69.95
That is not a misprint.

That's a savings of over $60 off the regular price and comes to only a fraction more than 2 bucks per pill!

That's less than one-quarter the price of the competition for the top rated eye health supplements available in the world, and it’s the lowest price you’ll find for Eagle Eye 911 anywhere.
  • Do you think that no longer being constantly worried about the real dangers of deteriorating vision and having a simple way to protect your eye health is something that you’re ready for?

  • Don’t you think that increased focus, better quality of life and more freedom to do what you want without having to rely on others is a better way to live?

  • Do you agree that all that is worth well more that just a couple bucks per day?
Yes, we think it’s totally worth it, too!
And you’ll get all these benefits for LESS money?
In fact, it gets even better.

I understand ridding your eyes of toxic free radicals isn't just important to you…

It's important to your friends and family too, and because I want to make sure you and your loved ones can continue enjoying unobstructed crystal clear vision and are protected from age-related vision loss for the rest of your lives…

I’m going to offer you enough Eagle Eye 911 at an even MORE affordable price...

Just so you have the choice of stockpiling more for yourself, OR giving the gift of GREAT VISION to your loved ones and friends.
Yes, if you act right away and reserve four bottles of Eagle Eye 911...
You'll have a spot in the PhytAge Lab’s Private Test Group which entitles you to our VIP Pricing...
at only $49.95 Per Bottle!
That's more than ½ OFF
A Savings of over $70 Per Bottle.
This way your vision will be protected for longer… and you’ll be protected from us selling out of our supply.
Why would I ask for such a drastic price discount for you?
The answer is actually simple...
In our pursuit to push the boundaries of our research, we need people to share their real, actual results with us…
Specifically, the ever increasing vision and eye health benefits that begin to start when you’ve been using Eagle Eye 911 for 30 Days or MORE.

As a result of that goal, we’ve instructed the lab to set aside an entire supply of Eagle Eye 911 so that YOU can share YOUR success stories with us...

And our team of scientists will have a growing body of evidence to show the long term properties of this amazing product!
Think about it…
For what we’ve shown you, we’re more than justified at pricing Eagle Eye 911 at $120 per bottle.

You’d pay a heck of a lot more to visit a doctor to diagnose or treat some of your ailments, right?

But, guess what?

Now for much less than the cost of your daily Starbucks “fix” you can use the eye strengthening, vision preserving, life enhancing, eye strain preventing, secret of health conscious ‘people-in-the-know’ who want their independence back…

The high concentrations of active ingredients found only in Eagle Eye 911.
What will your eyes feel like 4 to 6 weeks from now?
You’ll begin to FEEL the difference, guaranteed!
When you start taking Eagle Eye 911 daily – you’re going to soon see and be convinced, this is a MUST-HAVE formula for a return to eye health and worry-free living!

You know that life is short and before you know it, four weeks will come and go -- whether you like it or not.
But in 4 weeks' time, you could either have begun to pump these critical nutrients, vitamins and minerals through your body and to your eyes...

Helping you to ease away your physical and mental strain, plus rejuvenate your vision and overall well-being...

Or you could have the same less-than-optimal eye function, further deteriorating sight and the blurry vision that you have today.
Think about it like this:
At $69.95, you’re paying only $2.33 per day over the next 30 days!

That’s less than the price of a Starbucks Coffee!

And you save even more if you opt for our VIP multi-bottle pricing at $49.95!
So by now I’m sure you’re primed and ready to experience the return to eye health and the rejuvenating power of Eagle Eye 911.
But we’re going to make you a deal you can’t pass up.

You don’t even have to make that decision now. In fact…

We’re so totally confident that Eagle Eye 911 is going to support your healthy vision and the elimination of dependence on others while changing your entire life for the better...
And it does get better…
That we’re going to let you TRY Eagle Eagle Eye 911 for a FULL 3 MONTHS (90 days) and if for ANY REASON you’re not fully delighted with the results… 
Simply contact us for: A Full Refund.
Try it for yourself and SEE!
Guaranteed to work – or you PAY NOTHING!
I want this decision to be as easy for you as possible, so I’m going to take on all of the risk myself.

Today you will receive our 90 day, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee.

When you try Eagle Eye 911 right now… it either works… 
Or you get all your money back. No questions asked.
That’s right...

We’ll send your supply right now and if at any time over the next 90 days you decide it’s just not working for you, just contact us for a FULL REFUND…

That’s a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

We can’t make this deal much better than that, don’t you agree?
Have we gone insane?
Maybe we have lost it a little bit, but we want to get our ground-breaking Eagle Eye 911 into as many VIP hands as we can before we run out of inventory.

We’re 100% convinced of the power of our eye health and sharp vision restoration formula and we’re willing to stick our necks out there and take ALL the risk.
Have you ever seen anyone else stand behind their offer like this?
We want you to experience the effects of our proprietary eye health rejuvenating formula for yourself and wake up to a world that once again looks beautiful, clear and in focus.

We also want you to once again know what it feels like to have no eye pain or strain.

And if you don’t?

We’ll just simply give you your money back…

We have a hunch that Eagle Eye 911 is the one thing that you’re missing right now, even if you’re already currently eating “eye healthy” foods and supplements or doing eye exercises recommended by your doctor.
But you won’t KNOW that if you don’t TRY it...
Plus, we’ll do something absolutely crazy…
Not only will you get all your money back, but we’ll also give you an additional $100 just for giving it an honest try!
(No joke.)

I know it sounds like we’ve lost our minds, but we’re not kidding around.

If you’re not happy with your results...for any reason at all….

We’ll give you every single penny back…

PLUS another $100...

Even if you use the entire bottle.
That’s how confident we are that our solution works.
And you should feel pretty confident too because…

Eagle Eye 911 goes under some of the most rigorous testing in the industry.
PhytAge Labs is trusted by over 800,000 customers around the globe,
and they have a reputation for being obsessive when it comes to quality control and testing.
Each of our products is made in a Good Manufacturing Practices facility, has been certified by GMP for quality and sanitation and is regularly tested for potency by the FDA.

While some other companies may take the cheaper route and skimp on quality control, we wouldn’t even think about it.

PhytAge Labs guarantees quality control because we operate by regulations that are more strict than those of the government.
In our latest inspection by the FDA we passed without one, single issue.
Which is almost unheard of.

Even in corporate facilities, with billions of dollars, there is at least one issue during an FDA inspection.

A leaky faucet… a dirty floor… something.

But the FDA didn’t have one complaint about our facility.
Honestly, even that isn’t enough to satisfy us.

We make sure that every ingredient we source is tested thoroughly before use.

This way, we ensure that every part of Eagle Eye 911 is of absolute quality so that you never have to wonder.

 We believe that it’s extremely important to make sure that...
Each bottle of Eagle Eye 911 has exactly what it says on the label.
No more. No less.
It’s pretty standard for us to dip into our own profits to ensure the quality of every bottle.

Sure, we may not make as much money as we could…

But we know that you’ll be a customer for life.
That’s how confident we are in Eagle Eye 911.
Friend, even though this is a small investment, it's the most important investment you'll ever make for your eyes and overall wellbeing.

A single bottle of Eagle Eye 911 will help repair the damaged and dying cells in your eyes.

Four bottles will do the same thing while replenishing your retinas and maculae with the essential nutrients needed to stay healthy for four months of vision protection...

Giving your eyes enough lutein, beta carotene, lycopene and more to achieve the near perfect sight of your 20s...
So you can protect yourself from age-related vision loss, improve your night vision and day-to-day sight...

And practically guarantee that you spend the rest of your life in total control. You'll be free to explore the world and pursue your dreams on your terms.
Oh, and I'm not done yet...
When you order Eagle Eye 911 in the next nine minutes, you're also getting two powerful bonuses.
Bonus #1:
"21 Days of Smart Eating For Eye Health"
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This is a step-by-step protocol showing you how to use nutrition to naturally improve your eyesight in as little as 21 days.

Inside, you'll learn about the most common healthy foods that are actually feeding the growth of the free radicals responsible for your deteriorating vision!

You’ll also get a complete list of the all-natural and inexpensive foods proven to destroy free radicals, plus improve your vision without starving yourself or totally changing your diet.

You’ll get 21 delicious all-natural smoothie recipes designed to replenish your levels of lutein and other eye-healthy nutrients, combat the effects of oxidative stress and achieve crystal clear sight.
Bonus #2:
‘The Eagle Eye 911 Vision Breakthrough’
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‘The Eagle Eye 911 Vision Breakthrough’ contains simple eye tests and accompanying tracker so you can monitor your progress.

Imagine waking up each morning and feeling the excitement of seeing one more row down on the eye chart.

The confidence you'll get as your vision gets sharper and clearer, and the relief that will wash over you as you realize you finally have control over your deteriorating eyesight.
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